About us

ZR diagnostics is a company founded in 2006 by a group of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the field of diagnostics and healthcare.

Born as a company specialised in technical assistance, ZR diagnostics evolved by obtaining the skills and knowledge that allow them to provide their customers with strategic expert advice that aims to guide them towards the understanding of biomedical scenarios and their implication within the business.

Today the company operates in the field of lab analysis and anaesthetics and offers public and private healthcare providers high quality solutions, services and products whilst, of course, prioritising customer care.

Customer care

By care we mean the constant dedication we put into fully understanding our customer’s needs. We believe it’s important to listen to the client and reflect on their true needs. The C also stands for “customization”, i.e. our desire to offer a tailor-made service. We are convinced that “solutions that work for everyone don’t exist, but there is a solution for everyone”. We believe that companies that passionately pursue what they believe in, tend to naturally prioritise customer care above all.


As our clients demands are top priority, our company is always committed to making sure we develop the necessary skills and expertise to be able to satisfy them. Excellency is promoted through reward schemes that motivate and incentivize. Constant upgrades, research into success stories and contact with avant-garde realities help us to continuously focus on innovation and change.


The company must operate in accordance with its values and objectives which are oriented towards the satisfaction of the people and companies with which it works.  Human relationships are fundamental and inspired by principles of loyalty and cordiality. Anyone who comes in contact with our company should feel completely at ease at all times and be able to perceive the values and overall positive message of the company itself.